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About Us

Ningbo Lianjian Machinery Co., Ltd. was established in 2008 and has two research and development teams,
Team 1: Professional research and development and production of various logistics handling, traction, and tensioning equipment such as tirfor winch, manual hand winch, hand ratchet puller, chain lever hoists, and manual forklifts.
Team 2: Professional research and development of axial cooling fan, coreless dc motor, and brushless dc motor.

Our Factory

Ningbo Lianjian Machinery Co., Ltd. was established in 2008, with a focus on researching and producing hardware tools and DC motors. It is a physical factory that integrates industry and trade

Product Application

rane and traction equipment are used for logistics handling, traction, and tensioning.
DC motors are used in industrial equipment, robots, axial cooling fans, various medical equipment, and civil appliances!

  • logistics Handling

  • Traction and Tensioning

  • Industrial Equipment

  • Robots

  • Axial Cooling Fans

  • Various Medical Equipment

  • Civil Appliances

Our Certificate

German Rhine certification GS, CE, various invention patents and utility model patents.

Production Equipment

The factory has a stamping workshop: one 150 ton Yangzhou large punch press and several small punch presses.
And forging workshop: 315t forging equipment
CNC workshop: 10 machining centers and 20 CNC lathes,
Hardware processing workshop: milling machine, ordinary lathe, sawing machine, grinding machine.
Product production line: Large scale shearing machines, automated production equipment for steel wire ropes, Rotary riveting machine, various types of automated processing equipment for shafts, automatic winding machines, pressing
machines,product cleaning lines and product drying lines.
Quality Inspection Workshop: Product Automatic Testing Machine and Other Equipment, 3D Measuring Instrument, Roughness Meter, Spectral Analyzer, DC Motor Dynamometer, Dynamic Balance Instrument, Hardness Tester and Roundness Tester.

Our Service

Provide various configurations for customers to choose from before sales, constantly provide production photos and progress reports during sales, and ship on time. After sales, track product information in a timely manner and respond to any customer inquiries in a timely manner! Make customers feel clear and comfortable throughout the entire procurement process.

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