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0.8T Tirfor Hand Winch
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0.8T Tirfor Hand Winch

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Product Description

Product Introduction: 0.8T Tirfor Hand Winch

The 0.8T Tirfor Hand Winch is a compact and reliable manual lifting and pulling device designed to handle loads up to 800 kilograms. Ideal for construction sites, workshops, and various industrial applications, this hand winch offers a powerful yet lightweight solution for lifting and pulling tasks.

Key Features and Benefits

Efficient Lifting Power: With a rated load capacity of 800 kilograms, the 0.8T Tirfor Hand Winch is capable of lifting and pulling heavy loads with ease. Its powerful yet compact design ensures maximum efficiency without compromising on portability.
User-Friendly Design: The ergonomically designed handle provides exceptional leverage for smooth and efficient lifting. The handle is comfortable to grip and reduces strain and fatigue, allowing for extended use.
Safe and Secure Operation: The 0.8T Tirfor Hand Winch is equipped with a secure load-holding mechanism that ensures the load is held securely in place. This prevents accidental slippage or dropping of the load, protecting operators and bystanders.
Durable Construction: Made from high-quality materials, the 0.8T Tirfor Hand Winch is built to last. It is resistant to wear and tear, ensuring reliable performance and a long service life.
Versatile Applications: This hand winch is suitable for a wide range of applications, including construction, maintenance, marine operations, and more. Its compact size and lightweight design make it easy to transport and store.
Technical Specifications

Rated Load Capacity: 800 kilograms
Material: High-strength alloy steel
Handle Design: Ergonomic, reduced-strain
Safety Features: Secure load-holding mechanism
Weight: Lightweight for portability

Product Material of 0.8T Tirfor Hand Winch

The shell material of the 0.8T Tirfor Hand Winch(named wire rope pulling hoist or wire rope lever hoist or wire rope winch) is made of high-strength high-quality aluminum alloy die-casting, equipped with high-strength steel plates and shafts inside, and the external steel wire rope has particularly high breaking force and wear resistance. The strength of the components is high. The main components of this machine are made of high-grade alloy steel materials and processed through multiple special heat treatment processes, which have the characteristics of high strength and good wear resistance; The upper and lower hooks are made of high-strength alloy steel and have high toughness after strengthened heat treatment. Even if the body is damaged due to overload, the hook will only undergo reverse deformation without brittle fracture.

Parameters of manual wire rope winch

Item Model 800

Rated Capacity(kg) 800 Net weight(kg) 6.2
Rated forward hand power(N) 341 Max overall size A 426
Rated forward travel(mm) ≧52 B 238
Rope diameter(mm) 8.3 C 64
Wire rope safety factor load capacity 4 L1(mm)
Safety factor &Static load capacity 4 L2(mm)
Max travelling load(kg) 1200 L3(mm) 800

Novel body structure

This machine adopts high-strength aluminum alloy body, with beautiful appearance, compact body, small volume, and light weight.

Application of of manual wire rope winch

T/T: 30% before production and rest 70% before delivery.


1、How to use the manual wire rope winch LJ-800?

2、how to Insert the lever and use the machine normally?
3、How to pull out the lever?
1. Setzen Sie den Hebel ein und verwenden Sie die Maschine normal?
2. Wie man den Hebel herauszieht?

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