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5.4T Tirfor Hand Winch
  • 5.4T Tirfor Hand Winch5.4T Tirfor Hand Winch
  • 5.4T Tirfor Hand Winch5.4T Tirfor Hand Winch

5.4T Tirfor Hand Winch

The following is the introduction of high quality 5.4T Tirfor Hand Winch, hoping to help you better understand 5.4T Tirfor Hand Winch. Welcome new and old customers to continue to cooperate with us to create a better future!The 5.4T Tirfor Hand Winch is a powerful and reliable manual lifting and pulling tool designed to handle loads up to 5,400 kilograms.

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Product Description

Product Introduction: 5.4T Tirfor Hand Winch

The 5.4T Tirfor Hand Winch is a powerful and reliable manual lifting and pulling tool designed to handle loads up to 5,400 kilograms. This robust and versatile winch is an essential piece of equipment for various industrial, construction, and marine applications.
Built with durability and strength in mind, the 5.4T Tirfor Hand Winch features a sturdy frame and precision-engineered components that ensure smooth and reliable operation. The winch's powerful pulling capacity allows it to tackle even the heaviest loads with ease.
The Tirfor Hand Winch is equipped with a user-friendly handle that provides exceptional leverage for easy and efficient lifting and pulling. The handle is ergonomically designed to reduce strain and fatigue, making it comfortable to use even during extended operations.
Safety is a top priority with the 5.4T Tirfor Hand Winch. It features a secure load-holding mechanism that prevents accidental slippage or dropping of the load. Additionally, the winch's components are made from high-quality materials that are resistant to wear and tear, ensuring a long service life.
Versatility is another key feature of the 5.4T Tirfor Hand Winch. Its compact design allows for easy portability and storage, making it suitable for use in a wide range of environments. Whether you're working in a construction site, warehouse, or marine environment, this winch will provide the power and reliability you need to tackle any lifting or pulling task.

Precautions of 5.4T Tirfor Hand Winch

Overloading operation is strictly prohibited when using the tirfor winch(named wire rope pulling hoist or wire rope lever hoist or wire rope winch). Once overloaded, the safety pin will automatically cut off. Please confirm and replace the safety pin before proceeding with the operation. Please strictly follow the instructions for operation and use. Precautions for use are as follows:
1. Before using the machine, check whether each handle moves flexibly and whether there is lubricating oil in each friction part. If any abnormal movement of the handle is found, repair it.
2. It is strictly prohibited to simultaneously pull the forward and reverse handles during work.
3. Be careful not to pull the release handle during work.
4.If you want to withdraw the steel wire rope, you must first remove the load before pulling the release handle.
5. Do not overload.
6.When conducting high-altitude operations, safety devices, safety belts, and safety nets must be attached before use, otherwise they cannot be used.
7.When lifting the basket for high-rise building construction, the working load is 1/3 of the original load, and the operator must attach a safety device, safety belt, and safety net to use it.
8. Regularly check the condition of the steel wire rope, and do not use it in case of crushing, breakage, or loose strands.

Application of wire rope puller:used for pulling, lifting and tensioning and for any location.

Parameters of LJ-5400 wire rope puller

Item Model 5400

Rated Capacity(kg) 5400 Net weight(kg) 57
Rated forward hand power(N) 550 Max overall size A 930
Rated forward travel(mm) ≧25 B 390
Rope diameter(mm) 20 C 150
Wire rope safety factor load capacity 4 L1(mm) 692
Safety factor &Static load capacity 4 L2(mm) 1200
Max travelling load(kg) 6750 L3(mm)


T/T: 25% payed at first and the rest 75% before shippingment.


1、How to replace the safety pin for wire rope pulling hoist [safety pin is a safety device to avoid overloading the machine] ?
(von Schritt 10 bis Schritt 12) So ersetzen Sie den Sicherheitsstift [Sicherheitsstift ist eine Sicherheitsvorrichtung zur Vermeidung einer Überlastung der Maschine] ?

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