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Double Gear Two Hooks 4t Ratchet Hand Puller
  • Double Gear Two Hooks 4t Ratchet Hand PullerDouble Gear Two Hooks 4t Ratchet Hand Puller

Double Gear Two Hooks 4t Ratchet Hand Puller

LJ Machinery is a professional Double Gear Two Hooks 4t Ratchet Hand Puller manufacturer in China. Our products are professionally designed and manufactured with good quality. We are committed to providing you with thoughtful after-sales service and efficient on-time delivery services. We are very much looking forward to becoming a long-term partner of new and old customers in China and establishing a good relationship of win-win cooperation.

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Product Description

Introduction to ratchet hand puller(Tightener)

In sectors such as construction, mining, highway development, and electrical engineering, the installation of long-distance lines is a frequent undertaking. Nevertheless, during these installations, a common challenge arises: the inability to adequately tighten cables or wires. To address this pressing issue, professionals urgently seek out methods or tools capable of securing overhead lines. This is where wire tensioners come to the forefront, offering a reliable solution for tightening operations.

Definition of ratchet hand puller (tightener)

The Tightener, also referred to as a ratchet tensioner, serves a crucial role in securing conductors during the construction of overhead power lines. In operation, the initial step involves detaching the steel wire rope or galvanized iron wire from the tightener and securely fastening it to the cross arm. A wire clamp is then utilized to grip the wire, followed by the application of a specialized wrench. The pawl's inherent anti-reversal mechanism ensures that the wire rope or iron wire is steadily coiled around the ratchet drum, thereby tightening the wire. Once the desired tension is achieved, the tightened wire is securely attached to the insulator. To conclude, the pawl is released first to slacken the wire rope or iron wire, the wire clamp is subsequently disengaged, and finally, the wire rope or iron wire is neatly coiled back around the ratchet drum.

Packing specification

Item No Masterb Packaging CTN/PC
1T 54.5x24.5x21.5cm 6PCS
54.5x39.5x21.5cm 10PCS
2T 58.5x24.5x21.5cm 6PCS
58.5x39.5x21.5cm 10PCS
69.5x20.5x27.5cm 4PCS
69.5x30.5x27.5cm 6PCS

Working principle of ratchet hand puller (tightener)

Before utilizing the tightener, it is imperative to initially release the steel wire rope or galvanized iron wire from its position on the device and securely attach it to the cross arm. Following this, a wire clamp is employed to firmly grasp the wire, and thereafter, a specialized wrench is pulled to initiate the tightening process. The employment of tighteners significantly enhances the safety standards within cargo transportation and lifting operations, ensuring a more secure and reliable workflow.

Product Model Catalog List:

Item NO. Cable QTY/CTN GW/NW(kg) Meas(cm)
FD-4TB1 Ø5.8mmx3m 4 22/20 71x21x29

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